Verb Classes, Alternations and Argument Realization in Italian
The list of references published here was collected during my 2012 stay at Stanford University, sponsored by the Marco Polo Programme of the University of Bologna. The bibliography is part of an on-going project on verb classes and argument realization in Italian and is subject to updates.
The bibliography includes:
- studies on verb classes, alternations and argument realization in Italian, from a variety of perspectives (synchronic and diachronic; theoretical and descriptive, as well as applied);
- studies on verb classes, alternations and argument realization in other languages, where at least a mention is made to the Italian language;
- studies on topics that are strictly connected with argument realization in Italian, such as: aspect, actionality, auxiliary selection, clitics, complementation, tense, voice, word order (bearing in mind that this is not a bibliography on any of these topics: those contributions were included that were thought to be more useful for the study of argument realization in Italian).
People working on verbs and argument realization may also want to have a look at other related online bibliographies such as and the forthcoming Oxford Bibliography on Argument Structure by Beth Levin, the Bibliography of linguistics papers dealing with lexical semantics compiled by Heidi Harley (2001), and the Bibliography of Tense, Verbal Aspect, Aktionsart, and Related Areas (in Italian) compiled by Robert I. Binnick (2002).
If you have any comment, correction or suggestion, please contact me. I would greatly appreciate it.
A special thank you goes to Beth Levin, who supervised my work at Stanford. She let me access her impressive archive and constantly provided me with feedback and further suggestions.
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